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Automated Lighting

ABB 5gang room controller  Here we have the basis of the Automated Home System, the Automated Lighting Control System is the most Sophisticated is the Heart of  all other controllers. It usually has more devices of all other Automated Controllers in the home so its of Upmost importance to choose very carefully when selecting the correct Automated Lighting System for your Home or Commercial Building.

In its most basic form the Automated Lighting System will only control your lighting, therefore all lights are wired to a central point rather than individual light switches. The Automated Lighting Wall Panel Buttons/Touch Screens are then all wired via LOW VOLTAGE Cabling back to the central system, its safer as there isn’t dangerous voltage at the switch to harm anyone. We then allocate via software programming each touch panel to each light so you may control any light from any touch panel,  giving you the convenience to have as many panels through out the home controlling various lights or groups of lights at the touch of a single button.   KNX-lighting-control-sensor

You have a huge selection of touch panels to choose from and they vary in features as well for example we have some that include Temperature sensors with a digital readout, Slide Touch sensitive illuminated Glass also, the selection is huge. Further more as the system is computer controlled you may also control it from an iPad, iPhone, Android Device PC from your Home or anywhere in the World with an internet connection.

When combined with Light & Presents sensors the system will actually become ENERGY EFFICIENT  as well SAVING YOU MONEY ON YOUR POWER BILLS!!! Ask us how?