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Burglar Alarms


Burglar Alarms Systems are available in various forms ranging from the most basic internal motion detection type to external perimeter detection type offering many layers of security. Here we will explain the difference between them and the options available.  Internal motion is the last resort meaning the burglar has already gained access to your home via doors or windows and is free to move around your belongings and steal any items at will. Jewelery, money, personal items, electronics, laptops, mobiles, are just a few of the most common items targeted. Because this type of system relies only on internal motion sensors it will only be violated after the intruder is freely moving around the premises. One step up is  internal perimeter security here we include sensors on all doors and windows like erecting an electronic barrier around the perimeter of the premises the system will be violated the second this perimeter is broken and the system was not deactivated via a numeric keypad or various remote controls or finger print scanner. Therefore sirens are activated before the intruder has actually gained physical access to your belongings, they must now make the desision if they wish to proceed knowing that their presents has been detected or run away in fear of being caught? As you will agree perimeter security systems are far more effective in protecting your home or business from burglars.

We move onto the ultimate in burglar security the external perimeter system where sensors are placed externally around the perimeter of your property meters away from the actual building therefore creating an external electronic boundary around the premises that if violated may be either silent and only alert occupants or authorities of a violation Or Audible and activate sirens and lights so the burglar is detected well before they are able to physically cause any harm to you or any belongings. Combined with CCTV Surveillance Unauthorized violations will be recorded and offenders may be prosecuted.